Packing Shims (Levelling Shims)

Packing Shims (Levelling Shims)

Levelling shims are used for alignment and levelling of heavy section steel plate and pre-cast concrete section.

Thickness Colour Code
1x 70 x 70mm Black PS771- 49
2x 70x 70mm Black PS772-34
3 x70 x70mm Black PS773-33
5x 70x 70mm Black PS775-30
10 x 70 x 70mm Black PS7710-17
100 x 95 x 10mm Black PS109510
Technical Data (Shims)
Properties (Poly Propylene) Test Method Unit Value
Melt flow rate (230•c. 2.16 kgs) ASTM D1238 g/10min 11
Melting point (DSC) ASTM D3418 ◦C 161
Crystallization point (DSC) ASTM D3418 ◦C 115
Vicat softening point (1 kg) ISO 306A ◦C 152
Tensile strength at yield ISO 527-2/1B/50 Mpa 33
Elongation at yield ISO 527-2/lB/50 % 10
Flexural modulus (0.05 0.25 %; 2 mm/min) IS0178 Mpa 1350
lzod impact (Notched at 23•C) ISO 180-4A KJ/m2 3.5
Shore hardness D (15 sec) ISO 868 68

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