High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) sheets are special lightweight plastics used to accommodate lightweight products. AAA HIPS sheets have marginal resistance to impact and tearing. They are inexpensive and lightweight compared to all other plastic sheets. They are widely used for both single side and two side printing. HIPS sheets are recyclable, durable, easy to fabricate, have good heat resistance, good insulation, high impact strength, good chemical resistance and good machinability.


Finish: Color- Glossy/Matte/Textured/Embossed/Crystal/Prismatic White/Green/Blue/Bronze

Thickness: 1.5 to 20.0 mm

Standard Sizes: 1220×1830, 1220×2440, 2000×3000 mm

Custom sizes and colours available upon request

1  Signage Application

2  Moisture Barriers

3  Thermoforming

4 Medical Trays

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