De Watering

De Watering

Manufactured with high quality raw materials and advanced technology, these de watering caps are suitable for underground water removal used in well point assembly.

Category Colour Code
Pipe end cap Red PCR- 32
H20 White PCW- 55



Size : 1220 X 1830 (4×6) MM

Available – 2mm to 50mm

Size : 1220 X 2440 (4×8) MM

Available – 2mm to 50mm

Size : 2030 X 3050 MM

Available – 3mm to 30mm

Product Range:

Clear, Opal White, Opaque White, Frosted, Neutrals, Fluorescent, Silk Matt, Edge lit, Glass look, Black & White and Colours.

                    ItemTest Method and ConditionsUnitTest Result
Specific gravityASTM D-792 : 20001.19
Relative densityISO 11831.09
Water absorption rate (24 hrs)ASTM D-570%0.2
Vicat softening point (Full)ASTM D-1525 : 2006◦CMin110
Tensile strengthASTM D-638 : 2003mPa71
Elongation at Break %4
Flexural strengthASTM D-790 : 2003mPa98
Flexural modulus  2800
Izod impact strength(notched)ASTM D-256 : 2000J/m20
Rockwell HardnessASTM D-785 : 2003M scale104
Total light transmittanceASTM D-1003%93
Haze  0.5
Refractive index (ηD²⁰)ASTM D-542 : 20061.49
Heat deflectionASTM D-648 : 2006◦C105
FlammabilityASTM D-635 : 2003mm/min30
Linear expansion coefficientASTM E-831 : 2006mm/mm/°C5.5 x 10¯⁵

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