Polycarbonate Sheets are co-extruded with high-density ultraviolet rays in order to provide excellent resistance to colour and surface degradation. They offer a combination of properties such as high transparency, high impact and fracture resistance, high heat resistance, good dimensional stability and good electrical insulation property. They are also readily recyclable and have excellent process ability.



High impact strength

UV protection


High transparency

Good light transmission


Bulletproof windows

Gates, ceilings and roofs

Signage applications

Sound absorbing barriers

Standard product availability


Flat / Matte / Embossed / Crystal / Prismatic


1.5 to 20.0 mm


Clear / White / Green / Blue / Bronze


1220×1830, 1220×2440, 2000×3000 mm Custom sizes and colours available on order

Signage and lighting application

AAA Polycarbonate sheets are of high optical quality. They can be used in signage products for a variety of advertising applications such as POS stands, signboards, POP display boards in shops and outdoor poles. AAA Polycarbonate sheets are also available in a variety of textures and surface patterns for the lighting industry.

Construction application

AAA Polycarbonate sheets used in building construction effectively block UV radiation and infrared heat waves. The sheets achieve good sound insulation while allowing good light transmission to conserve energy. AAA’s UV coated Polycarbonate sheets are also resistant to yellowing caused by aging. Additional details are available in the product warranty card.



AAA Polycarbonate sheets can be easily cold formed into gentle curves up to 175 times the sheet thickness. They can also be bent up to 90 degrees by workshop tools. The sheets weigh 1.2 kg/m2/mm whereas glass weighs 2.5 kg/m2/mm; hence, these sheets are lighter than glass by 50%.

The sheets can further be thermoformed without losing their UV resistance property. They are 250 times stronger than regular glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic. The service temperature of the sheets ranges between -40 to +120oC.

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