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Light box Ads bring full-screen creative to the scale of the web, helping engage consumers with your brand’s story. Beginning in standard, scalable ad units, they seamlessly expand into a near full-screen canvas that supports full rich-media capabilities. Embed a YouTube video, game or shopping experience in a Light box Ad to grab your customer’s attention. User engagement is qualified by letting users hover their cursors over the ad unit for two seconds before it expands.

In the field of POS displays, a “light box” is a display fixture (or a modular component of a larger POS display structure) that contains a translucent graphic film with lamps that transmit light through the graphic, thus “backlighting” the graphic message for increased visibility, brightness and contrast relative to its surroundings. By definition, the artwork or backlit graphic film (aka “Dura trans”) in a POS light box is replaceable without discarding the light box or any of its other components.

Note: the definition of “light box” as it relates to POS displays is similar to but distinct from that of a light box in the Photography and Graphic Arts industries. The similarity is that they both contain lamps whose light is diffused to uniformly backlight a translucent image; the distinction is that a POS light box is a permanent or semi-permanent fixture used to display an advertising message in a retail space, while a photography light box is usually a portable or table-mounted appliance used for image quality analysis and/or tracing in a photography studio, graphic design studio, graphic/print production shop or similar environment.

Lightbox Ads are high-impact ad experiences that let you embed a stunning piece of content—such as a video, catalog or game—into a standard, scalable ad unit. When a user chooses to engage by hovering the cursor over the ad for two seconds, the ad then expands into a near full-screen canvas. Your ad expands in the forefront with a dimming effect on the page underneath, making your content stand out as a viewing experience.


  • Roll-up series
  • Pop up Display series
  • Alu-line pavement stand series (or A-boards series)
  • Slanting standing poster
  • Portable folding brochure shelf series
  • Retractable banner stand series
  • L banner stand series
  • Portable folding brochure shelf series
  • Retractable banner stand series
  • L banner stand series
  • x banner stand series (or Y banner stand series)
  • Alu-line pavement stand series (or A-boards series)
  • Wall picture shelf series
  • Promoter series
  • Triple banner series
  • Twin banner series
  • Show screen-one sided


Energy Efficient

Powered directly via mains electricity or solar panel, our innovative LED light boxes utilise up to 75% less power in comparison to traditional “T” type lamp, backlit light boxes. Lamp life expectancy also increases by up to 80% offering the end user, approximately *100,000 hours or, in annual terms, approximately *27 years of maintenance free use. (*figures quoted are approximated based on a 7 day, daily usage rate of 10 hours)

Bright & Clear Illumination

In conjunction to the cost and energy efficiencies achieved, one of the key advantages of LED-based illumination is its high efficiency light output to power input. Essentially, LED lamps produce considerable more light and less heat per watt than incandescent lamps. Comparatively, and with virtually no heat emission, LED lamps generate a brighter, clearer and more even illumination. An ideal solution for in store signage and advertising display application!

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