Sabin Acrylic fabrication industry specializes in Creative design, manufacture and installation of Architectural features, Such us Sculptural features, specialist skylights entrance, Canopies, Fountain features, and Custom works of all kinds, Exquisite unique Balustrades, display stand and exclusive gift enclosure and kiosk, specialist furniture and Accessory items.

Our Work Includes all Mechanical Process, Thermo- Forming, Compound molding, Chemical bonding, machining and fabrication of most Acrylics Such us ( PMMA), (PC) Poly carbonate, (ABS) Acetyl – Butyl – Styrene, (PVC) Poly-Vinyl- Chloride. We also use of various different brands of resins, include (GRP) Glass re-reinforced- plastic, Pouring, Casting, and Embedding.

We design and own various metal fabrication and extrusions which support of our Custom Acrylic Fabrication Works. We produce our Own High – Quality Steel metal works, like stainless steel and mild steel work. We have fully Qualified team of Acrylic Fabricators, Carpenters, structural fabricators and welders to complement our abilities.


Sabin Acrylic Fabrication Industry welcomes any enquiry and will be pleased to work with you to develop your project requirements, or Sabin will be pleased to provide you a turnkey project, from design and engineering, to full Commissioning.

“We remain prepared and welcome your Contact and detail.”

Our Works

  • Acrylic enclosure
  • Wall cladding
  • Exclusive acrylic enclosure and display items
  • Acrylic ceiling futures 
  • Acrylic balustrades
  • Protection barrier
  • Pool windows decorative colours and lighting
  • Columns cladding
  • Aquarium and water futures
  • Theme and events acrylic products
  • Interior fit out acrylic products
  • Custom designs and fabrication furniture 
  • Lighting accessories 
  • Creative decorative panels cladding
  • Polycarbonate roofing and walls
  • Illuminated features and dance floors


  • Pop/pos display, store fixture
  • Cosmetic displays
  • Retail displays
  • Furniture accessories
  • Room partitions 
  • Sculptures
  • Trophies
  • Podiums

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