Our plastic products stands the most challenging climatic conditions for which they became the first choice in construction field. Wheel spacers are used for reinforcing bars in Piling / Construction. Interlock spacers are carefully designed to ensure that the ducts are kept separately, without contact with each other. Polycarbonate, Acrylic sheets are UV protected from both the sides which prevent yellowness and gives a long hassle free life and is widely used in Middle East. These plastic products with extreme toughness are also resistant to breakage and at the same time are flexible enough to be cold bent into various shapes ideal for skylight, canopies, barrel vaults, carports and walkways. Available in high thickness, the sheets are widely used for noise reduction or sound barrier application in busy road ways giving peaceful and silent surroundings to pedestrians or nearby building occupants.

Signage & Display

Plastic products from Sabin Plastics are the product of choice for the signage industry. With various products available in different colors, textures and sizes, the customized application of the customers can be best met. The Signboards made of acrylic & polycarbonate sheet emit a radiant glow with their excellent light pass properties and is promised to have desirable durability. The plastic sheets can be cut or bent with ease into various designs thereby giving good surface finish, strength & longevity. The common machining and cutting process used are laser cutting, roller cutting, jigsaw cutting, drilling and saw cutting. Even complex designs such as mashrabiya designs can be cut with good quality surface finish using the CNC machines.


Plastic products are available with high optical quality giving maximum light transmittance as high as 92%. We produce accessories for electrical fittings like neutral base, energy meter window glass, louver, 3 pole/4 pole, blanking cover etc. Plastic sheets are available in various textures suitable for the lamp shades in the lighting industry. The most common among them are prismatic sheets, matt finish sheets, opal white sheets and frosted sheets which are used extensively with LED lights which do not let the light source be visible, thereby giving a better aesthetic appearance.

Bath Elements

Our Plastic products are available in formable grade which can be thermo formed at high temperatures and do not lose their finish or properties in the process. With special thermo forming grade masking film, the protective layers withstands its strength and protect the surface of the sheet against any scratches during the process thereby giving a perfect thermoformed product. The masking can then be peeled off easily.

Safety Equipments

Our Plastic products with their high impact resistance and strength are used in safety gears to protect against projectiles and impact without compromising on visibility. We also manufacture first aid boxes used for medical purposes. Our custom moulded fire cylinder accessories are used for safety purposes. The other applications include ballistic shield, helmet visor, secure glazing, car windshield and machine covers.

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